Manya Singh Run-up to Femina Miss India May not Have been Able to Win


New Delhi / Reflection Desk. Manya singh, who was the run-up to Femina Miss India, may not have been able to win the title of VLCC Miss India but has made a lot of headlines due to her struggle. Manya Singh’s passion and passion has made him famous. His story has won everyone’s heart. Manya’s father is a rickshaw driver and mother is a housewife Manya comes from a normal family but her perseverance has given her this status today. Manya had left the house to get her floor since 14 years.

Manya Singh

Today, a video of her is becoming quite viral on social media in which she is seen touching her mother’s feet and wiping her father’s tears. Manya has shared this video from her Instagram account, which is getting a lot of love from people, so far more than 1 lakh people have seen this video. In this video, Manya Singh touches her mother’s feet and wipes her tears. At the same time, his father also looks emotional with Manya’s victory, after which Manya also goes to her father and embraces him. This video of Manya is very much liked by the audience, fans are also commenting a lot about this video of Manya Singh, as well as praising Manya Singh fiercely.


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