Biden administration changes the policy of citizenship examination applied at the time of Trump

New Delhi/News Desk। The Biden administration has announced the adoption of the 2008 policy, reversing the policy of the previous Trump administration for those eligible for US citizenship. With this decision, the path of citizenship will be made easier for all deserving people. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIC) said on Monday that it was moving towards the 2008 policy. The previous Donald Trump administration naturally decided to change the citizenship exam for those eligible to obtain US citizenship. Under this, the number of questions was raised from 100 to 128 and it was decided to examine the political and ideological trends in multiple choice questions. Announcing the change of policy, USCIS stated that the agency believes that the revised citizenship examination may inadvertently be a potential deterrent for those applying on or before December 1, 2020. The statement said, “This decision is in line with the framework of the governing order to restore confidence in our legal immigration system.” Under this, there is a provision to make the process easier for all eligible people. Along with this, a commitment has been made to eliminate the barriers for those who are eligible for citizenship naturally. “Naturally, those who are eligible for US citizenship have to take the test. To pass the exam, it is important to have information related to the history, principles and formation of the government of America.

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